There is a long history of flying kites in Nanjing. As a saying goes, during each Qingming ( pure brightness) Festival in the Six Dynasties, in all big and small markets along the Qinhuai River, kites were the most fashionable handcrafts mostly bought by children of rich families. Kites began to be popular in the Tang Dynasty. In the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, kites were made more and more exquisite in an increasingly number of forms and more and more particular attention was paid to their patterns and colors. There has been a child rhyme in Nanjing historically: “With willows growing, it’s time to fly kites; with willows dying, it’s time to kick shuttlecocks”. Before and after Qingming Festival each year, youngsters would come to Fuzimiao to buy kites and then fly them in Yuhuatai or on the city-wall.


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