Folded fans

 “Jinling folded fans” originated from areas along the Qinhuai River. So far, there is still a place named “Fan-rib Ying” in Nanjing. Folded fans emerged in the Song Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty while being popular in the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. Craftsmanship of Jinling folded fans is quite particular. Fan-ribs are chosen from smoothly-surfaced bamboo growing for six to eight years on the slope facing the sun, before going through dozens of meticulous work-procedures such as steaming, boiling, scratching, cutting, tying, baking and polishing, etc. Fan-covers are made of Xuan paper of clean surface from Jing county, Anhui province by means of special craftsmanship. The entire fan is of exquisite texture as the best object for present-day intellectuals and scholars to make inscription, write poems,  practise calligraphy and do paintings, as well as stamp after a model for collection.


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