In the 1930s, works of micro-sculpture were displayed on Fuzimiao square. On one of them, nearly 100 poems of the Tang Dynasty were carved on a section of one square centimeter. On another one, the plane of a rice-grain size was carved with many vivid human figures depicted in the novel named “The dream of the red chamber” and human figures described in the novel entitled “Pilgrimage to the west”.
In 1962, 52 works of micro-sculpture by Luo Biao were first displayed in Fuimiao. Known as “A man of wonder of Qinhuai micro-sculpture”, Luo Biao was, through selection, placed in “A list of Chinese celebrities in the international circle of literature and art” . his representative was “A picture of Buddhist disciples in rice-grain size ” reputed by Chinese and foreign visitors as “A priceless oriental treasure”. From 1983 to 1997, Luo Biao’s son had been engaging in the art of  micro-sculpture based on inheriting the cause of his father.


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