The eighth day of the second month according to Chinese lunar calendar

As a saying goes: “Old man Zhang Wang eats frozen food while wind and rain take place” on this day. Every time on this day, temperature definitely goes down and there is often wind and rain. According to “Miscellaneous remarks of Baixia”, “The deity worshipped in Zhang Wang Temple at Jiamen is Cishan emperor. With Bo as his deified name, he was a native of Henshan at Wucheng in the Han Dynasty. Trying to dig a ditch would surely lead to a river-channel, with the possibility of turning oneself into a pig ( please refer to “Random records of Nenjianzhai” ). Therefore, worshippers nowadays don’t use pork as sacrifice. As the birthday of this deity, the eighth day of the second month definitely witnesses wind and rain before and after itself. ‘The occurrence of wind and rain’ is seen every year.”


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