The commencement of summer

It is so hot and muggy in every summer in Nanjing since it is surrounded by quite high terrains. In particular, children find it difficult to adapt themselves to it, often without interest in having meals at this time of a year. It is called “Feeling unwell in summer” as a lasting phenomenon. They can tide over this problem by sitting across the threshhold and esting pea cakes. According to another saying, eatng plums on Summer Solstice can get rid of illness in summer. Generally speaking, summer clothes are not presented when the daughter is married off. It is before and after the commencement of summer that summer clothes are given, which is called “Seeing off summer”. On the day of the commencement of summer, people in Qinhuai area would savor three kinds of delicacies in season, i.e. cherries, green plums and hilsa herrings.


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