The seventh day of the seventh month according to Chinese lunar calendar is termed Qixi, or rather, “Qiao Festival” (Ingenious Festival) which is said to be set for the Herd-boy and the Weaving-girl.. Nuts and cakes on this day are all called Qiao nuts and Qiao cakes, etc., while eating them is called “Eating Qiao”. (Since the second emperor of the Southern Tang Dynasty was born on this day, it was changed into the sixth day of the seventh month and then resumed as the seventh day of the seventh month under the reign of Taipingxingguo of the first emperor in the Song Dynasty ) On this day, a woman put a water-pot under the scorching sun, leading to an oily layer on the water-surface. Then, she gently threw a piece of needle-like yard grass on the water-surface, observing the picture reflected on the water to find out good of ill luck, or foretell signs, which is called “Boqiao”. At night, the woman did needlework while learning from the weaving girl, which is called “Qiqiao”. This custom is gone.


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