It is the fifteenth day of the eleventh month according to Chinese lunar calendar. At night on this day with the moon high above, the area along the Qinhuai River is brilliantly marked by pleasure boats with paintings, bright illumination set off with the moonlight and tourists observing the reflection of the moon in the river while standing on Wende Bridge. At the right moment, half of the moon as a wonder would be respectively reflected on the water-surface on both sides of the bridge. Much about it has been recorded in ancient books, but visitors in following years did not see this phenomenon on the bridge. In 1988, some visitors came to see it, but it was cloudy on the fifteenth day of the eleventh month that year. They finally saw the wonder the following day (January 5, 1988) and made a detailed record about the time, i.e. 24: 50. The moon-shadow in the river was then close to the eastern railing of the bridge. At 1: 06, the wonder suddenly came into being, protruding half a chi (one chi is equal to 1/3 meter) from the eastern part of the bridge, revealing 50% of the moon-shadow. Despite shallow river-water and unequal size of two separate halves of the moon at that time, those two halves appeared as bright as copper mirrors and as pure and jade. At 1: 10,  the wonder extended one chi from the bridge-verge, still making 50% of the moon shadow visible, with the view of the rest blocked by the bridge shadow. Without protruding heads, those visitors on the western part of the bridge could see 50% of the moon-shadow. At 1: 14, overlooking on the western part of the bridge, they saw the moon-shadow stretch out of the railing and that the verge of the moon-shadow could still be seen by them who protruded their heads two chi outwards on the eastern part of the bridge. The emergence of this wonder is said to be the location of Wende Bridge right on the Meridian.


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