Seeing off Kitchen God (as well as welcoming Kitchen God)

In old days, as believed by common folks, Kitchen God took control of the trouble and happiness of a family and that the 23th day (or the 24th day) of the first month according to Chinese lunar calendar was the day for Kitchen God to make a report in the heaven. Therefore, people began to offer sacrificial objects to Kitchen God on this day. Sacrificial objects consist of the date soup and kitchen candy which looks like Yuanbao (a gold or silver ingot). The kitchen candy composed of heavily burnt sesame and sugar is regarded as gold while the one mixed with maltose is taken as silver. Besides, beans are provided to feed deified horses, the portrait of Kitchen God is burnt out and firecrackers are set off to see off Kitchen God. Offering sacrificial objects to Kitchen God serves to bless families with wealth and pray for Kitchen God to “Speak well in the heaven for mankind and ensure peace in the human world”. It is not until the eve of Spring Festival that sacrificial objects are taken away, with a new portrait of Kitchen God pasted on the wall and Kitchen God welcomed back, which is called “Welcoming Kitchen God”. The house-wife is responsible for seeing off Kitchen God as well as welcoming Kitchen God. The big kitchen wiith firewood as fuel in old days is gone forever.


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