Taoye (Peach-Leaf) Ferry

As a noted ferry in Nanjing in ancient times, it finds itself at the confluence of the Qingxi River and the Qinhuai River. As a legend goes, it got its name since WangXianzhi, a famous calligrapher in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, saw off and met Taoye as her beloved concubine. In ancient times, boats on the wide Qinhuai River often overturned when there were waves stirred up by wind. For comforting her concubine, Wang Xianzhi wrote a song named “Taoye” for her: “Oars are unnecessary since there are peach leaves overlapped with one another on the river. Crossing by ferry is pleasant and I am here waiting for you from the other side.” Having learnt to sing this song, Taoye was no longer afraid when crossing the river each time. With deep emotion and gratitude, Taoye also wrote a poem for Wang Xianzhi: “Peach leaves well set off with red flowers appear graceful even without being swayed by breeze. A spring flower presents itself in the image of Taoye only appreciated by you.” Since then, Taoye Ferry has become one of love among people in Nanjing. “Taoye ferry across the river” was reputed as one of 48 scenic spots in Nanjing as early as in the Qing Dynasty.
Ancient Taoye Ferry
Transportation routes:
Fuzimiao Station of Metro Line 3, Public bus No.4, No.7, No.31, No.44, No.49 to Jiankang Road.


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