Zhonghua City-Gate


Called Gathering-Treasure City-Gate in ancient times, it was the southern city-gate of Nanjing as the capital of the Ming Dynasty . It was built in the period from the 26th year under Zhizheng reign of the Yuan Dynasty to the 19th year under Hongwu reign of the Ming Dynasty. it is also termed “Pottery-pot enclosure” as it looks like a pottery pot. In 1931, its name was changed into Zhonghua City-Gate. Three Chinese characters “Zhonghua City-Gate”, inscribed by Jiang Kai-shek in person, are still visible on the city-gate. Covering an area of 16512 square meters, the entire castle extends 129 meters from south to north and 118 meters from east to west, with the highest point of the city-wall being 21.45 meters. The city-gate is extremely solid as it was built compeltely with lime, tung oil and glutinous rice-juice as adhesives.
The castle of Zhonghau City-Gate is marked by strict and regular layout of a unique structure. It consists of three enclosures in the form of a Chinese character “目”. Each enclosure has a gate and a sluice. The gate is wrapped with iron on both sides with a groove cut inside for fastening the gate with a bolt. In the era of cold weapons, with the gate and the sluice closed right after enemy troops stormed into the city, they would be trapped in the enclosure. Within the city, 27 caves capable of hiding over 3000 soldiers served to counter-attack enemy troops in ancient times. These caves have become important materials for studying real military installations in ancient China. In 1988, the castle of Zhonghau City-Gate was listed by the State Council as a unit of important cultural relics under national protection.
As the biggest city-enclosure in the world at present, the castle of Zhonghau City-Gate occupies an important position in the military field, history, culture and the history of city-construction.
Address:Within the enclosure of Zhognhua City-Gate
The ticket price:50 Yuan/per person
Open hours:8:00-21:00
The time suitable for the tour:The whole year
Transportation routes:Tourist bus No. 2, No. 4, No. 16, No. 26, No. 33, No. 49, No. 88 and No. 305 leading to Inner Zhonghuamennei Bus-Station (station of arrival).


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