Du Mu and Qinhuai

As a famous poet in the late Tang Dynasty, he was a successful candidate in the highest imperial examination held in the imperial palace under the supervision of the emperor in the second year under Dahe reign (828 A.D.), later becoming an imperial supervisor and an official entitled Zhongshusheren. Respectively in the seventh year under Dahe reign (833 A.D.), the second year under Kaicheng reign (837 A.D.) and in the second year under Dazhong reign (848 A.D.), he took a cruise to tour around Qinhuai sceneries in Jinling (Nanjing) , leaving behind a series of nice ever-lasting poems in praise of Qinhuai. His poems are marked by freshness, peculiarity, boldness and meaningfulness. “Anchoring along the Qinhuai River”, in the form of describing Qinhuai sceneries via comparing the fall of the Southern Dynasties, satirized rulers leading a befuddled life in the late Tang Dynasty, i.e. “The cold Qinhuai River is mist-shrouded under the moon while boats anchor along it near wine-shops. Show-girls pay no attention to the hatred resulting from the fall of the nation, still singing joyful songs when another part of China has fallen into the hands of aggressors.” A series of noted poems by Du Pu, such as “Spring in the region to the south of the Yangtze River” and “Qingming” (pure brightness) , are not only pouplar among people nowadays, but also serve as the evidence for people at present to investigate the history and sceneries of Qinhuai.  


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