Xin Qiji and Sahngxin Pavilion

Xin Qiji was a patriotic general and an outstanding Ci poet in the Southern Song Dynasty. In the fourth year under Qiandao reign of emperor Xaiozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, he assumed the official post of Tongpan in Jiankang (present-day Nanjing). Enchanted with Qinhuai sceneries and particularly with riverside scenic spots in the west of the city, he often met his friends in Shangxin Pavilion, having written such noted Ci as “Shuilongyin·Ascending Shangxin Pavilion in Jiangkang”, “Nianlujiao · Writing to magistrate Shi while ascending Shangxin Pavilion in Jiangkang” and “Pusaman · Composing a poem for prime minister Ye in Shangxin Pavilion.”


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