Emperor Wuzong and Qinhuai

On a certain day (Binwu day) in the twelfth Chinese lunar month of the fourteenth year under Zhengde reign, emperor Wuzong of the Ming Dyansty came to Nanjing on his inspection tour in southern China. He stayed in an office in southern Nanjing instead of the former imperial palace. In the first Chinese lunar month in the early spring of the following year, he ascended the tower on the Gathering-Treasure City-Gate, enjoying various art performces. In succession, he visited Xu Tianci’s Eastern Garden and went fishing at Xu Lin’s Kuai Garden, having got golden carps. By Taoye Ferry, he sat in the house by the Qinhuai River, admiring pleasure boats with paintings on a cruise. This house was therefore called Imperial Riverside House later termed as “House of Jade Pot”.


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