Li Yu and Jiezi garden

As a playwright and gardener in the late Ming Dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty, he had this garden built in the west of Zhou Chu Terrace in the fourteenth year (1657 A.D.) under Shunzhi reign of the Qing Dynasty. Covering an area of less than three mu (one hectare equals 15 mu), it is marked by “Small size, ingenuity and peculiarity”, i.e. “Interspersed pavilions and terraces, winding verandas, jagged rockeries, limpid water, green moss and bamboo, chirping birds and resounding water-wall.” In Jiezi Garden as his residence, there was “A family-based female performing group” (also named “Female music”) which used to perform in different areas to meet friends via the performance, hence becoming quite popular. “The Painting-Album of Jiezi Garden” (also named Painting Biography of Jiezi Garden ) published later is characterized by profound cultural connotation.


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