Enjoying food is great fun of this tour. Please don’t forget to savor world-famous snacks in Fuzimiao area during your tour in Nanjing! Snacks of Fuzimiao in Qinhuai district are renowned  across the country. Since the Six Dynasties, there have been over 80 kinds marked by meat ones, vegetarian ones, salty ones and sweet ones, each course is coupled with a dry one and a liquid one. In particular, eight kinds of delicous wonders are ever-lasting favorites of natives and very popular among tourists from other places. Snacks of Fuzimiao are already served at the banquet and feast, making themselves snacks in series in Chinese menu.

Characteristic Snack Restaurant:
Qinhuai Snack Restaurant
Add.: B1/F, West Arch Square, Confucius Temple
Tel.: 025-52336778

Nanjing Flavor Snack Street
Add.: The Old South End•Mendong Historical and Cultural District
Wenliu Restaurant
Add.: No.121 Gutong Lane in the Old South End · Mendong District
Tel.: 025-52685757
Liu Changxing (Zhonghua Road Branch)
Add.: No.2 Xujia Alley
Tel.: 025-52245339
Jiangyouji Restaurant:
Specializing in pot-stickers with a long history, it was established in the mid-1930s. It is featured by primitiveness, simplicity and elegance with a strong national style of Islam. Its “Beef Pot-Stickers”and “Beef Soup” deserve to be one of the wonders in Qinhuai with ever-lasting reputation in Nanjing. Now, it offers dozens kinds of traditional moslem snacks such as various beef noodles, beef wonton and beef-fine vermicelli soup to meet the needs of all Islamic customers and all citizens, bring Islamic appeal to this restaurant of over one hundred years with unqiue snacks.
Address: Nanjing Flavor Snack Street in the Old South End · Mendong District

Eight kinds of delicious wonders are served in restaurants as follows:
Qinhuairenjia Hotel:
It has dining halls of various styles such as “Yepo Tower” (Tower of Anchoring at Night), “Shifeng Hall” (Hall of Inheriting Tradition ) and “Wenshu Hall” (Hall of Academy) majoring in Weiyang cuisine and “Snacks of Qinhuai flavors”. Its “Eight kinds of delicious Qinhuai snacks” such as meticulously prepared “Eggs with five different tasty flavors”, “Sesame cakes of dual delicious flavors” and “Sweet dumplings in the shape of Yuhua pebbles” have become representatives of snacks in Nanjing, enjoying reputation at home and abroad. The entire process of food service is accompanied by puppet-shadow show, music of stringed instruments, singing and dances in addiiton to the opportunity of enjoying beautiful sceneries of the Qinhuai River characteristic of water-splashing by oars and lantern-lights.
Address: No. 128, Dashiba Street, Nanjing
Wanqinglou Restaurant:
It has three halls, i.e. Meishi Hall (Hall of Nice Dishes), Fengwei Hall (Hall of Local Delicacies) and Minsu Hall (Hall of Folk Customs). As a restaurant of folk customs specializing in local snacks represented by “Eight kinds of delicious wonders”, it is marked by a dignifed and elegant environment, as well as reasonably-arranged interior and exterior decoration, revealing an atmosphere of simplicity and warmth amidst magnificance and splendor. It is a restaurant designated by provincial, municipal and district governments for catering to distinguished guests. Its eight kinds of delicious wonders epitomize the strongpoints of all local snacks in Qinhuai district and distinguish themselves in their excellent color, aroma, taste and form, hence having been regarded by the government as “Famous Chinese snacks” through evaluation. Each kind of snack has a moving historical allusion. Its dishes of special features include Sliced Bean-Curds in Chicken Juice, Shaomai (steamed meat dumplings with the dough gathered at the top), Beef Pot-Stickers and Sweet Taros with Osmanthus Blossoms, etc. Cutomers can savor snacks while enjoying singing and dances typical of folk culture in the area to the south of the Yangtze River, an integration of national tradition and a modern atomosphere.
Address of Meishi Hall:  No.1, Western Gongyuan Street (a street of many restaurants with nice food ), Fuzimiao, Qinhuai District, Nanjing.
Tel: 025-86626950
Address of Fengwei Hall:  No. 128-1, Dashiba Street.
Tel: 025-52306950
Address of Minsu Hall:  No. 126, Dashiba Street.
Tel: 025-52301950
Xianhen Restaurant:
Xianhen Restaurant of Shaoxing was established in 1894 A.D.(under Guanxu reign of the Qing Dynasty). It is chiefly characterized by distinctive features, traditional Shaoxing dishes and wine as main products in addition to cuisines and fashionable dishes of different places. The restaurant mainly offers Fennel Beans, Fried Smelly Bean-Curd, Preserved Vegetables Stewed with Pork, Boiled Salty Peanuts, Wild Big Yellow Croakers, Fuguitianxiang and Lightly Fried Shrimps with Vinegar, etc. Besides, its Xianhen Taidiao Wine is also of a special feature.
Address: No. 2, Chaoku Street
Tel: 025-52317979
Qifangge Restaurant:
Situtated in the golden triangle of Fuzimiao, it was established in the late Qing Dyansty as a moslem restaurant of over one hundred years. Covering a floor area of about 2000 square meters, the restaurant has a clean, elegant ad spacious lobby, perfect facilities as well as deluxe banquet halls and boxes of different styles. It chiefly offers moslem dishes in series and moslem snacks represented by “Eight kinds of delicious wonders in Qinhuai area”. Its moslem dishes and snacks have won national gold medals several times. Such leaders of the Communist Party and central governement as Rong Yiren and Peng Chong once came here, making the following inscriptions right on the spot, i.e. “Snacks of Qifangge are nice” and “Local delicacies of Qinhuai”.
Address : No. 1, Western Gongyaun Street
Tel: 025-86623159

Lianhu Cake-Pastry Snack Bar:
It is a 100-year snack bar specializng in traditional cakes and pastries of unqiue flavors renowned in Nanjing. Integrating all traditioanl styles of cake-pastry preparation in the area to the south of the Yangtze River, it is marked by particluar attention to ingredients for various cakes and pastries and meticulous production, hence enjoying soft and delicious taste, sweetness, refinedness, savory flavors and pleasing shapes in integration of admiration and edibility.
Cakes and pastries of Suzhou style, Western snacks and health-care food with much nutrition are very popular among people. Its famous sandwiched sweet dumplings and five-color cakes have been selected as one of “Eight kinds of delicious wonders in Qinhuai” , while its sweet dumplings with lotus seeds and brown beans have been designated by Ministry of Commerce and Trade as a kind of snack well- known in China.
Address: No.24, Western Gongyuan Street
Tel: 025-52211054

Yongheyuan Restaurant:
As an old Chinese brand with a history of over 100 hundred years, it was built under Guangxu reign in the Qing Dynasty, just like a splendid bright pearl inlaid by the Qinhuai River and on Gongyuan Street. In the early twenty-first century, as one of the units designated for entertaining tourists, it was honored to have undertaken the task of accommodating 400 representatives attending the Confernece of Chinese Businessmen. Its antique architecture marked by the style of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty is perfectly combined with scenic spots in Fuzimiao area. The lobby on the ground floor is spacious and bright with self-service consumption, making you feel leisurely and free, while the atomosphere of nobility and elegance on the first floor attract you so much. In addition, four boxes deserve to be of one of the wonders in Fuzimiao since they command views of all sceneries of Qinhuai in Nanjing as an ancient capital of the Six Dynasties……
Yongheyuan restaurant is world-famous for its Huaiyang cuisine, particularly its eight delicious wonders. Its special snacks such as Dried Shrimps with Sliced Bean-Curds, Meat-Dumplings Steamed in Small Bamboo Steamers, Crispy Cakes of Four Kinds of Flavors, Meat-Dumplings of Four Colors Steamed in Small Bamboo Steamers,Yonghe Iron-Eggs, Egg-Yolk and Shaomai Wrapped in Lotus Leaves and Glutinous Rice with Vegetarian Goose have respectively won the award as famous snacks in China, the award of popular snacks of China, the gold award of Chinese chef festival, the gold award of nice food festival of China, and the award of Chinese cuisine.The change of its system in 2004 has brought new vitality to Yongheyuan Restaurant under Nanjing Jindu Food Service Co., Ltd.
Address: No.68, Jiankang Road, Fuzimiao, Nanjing.
Tel:            025-86623863(office)



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