Characteristic Hotel:Taoye Crossing Inns

Address: Inside Taoye Crossing District
Tel: 025-86798998
 No.18 Chaoku Street Hotel

Address: No.18 Chaoku Street, Qinhuai District

Tel: 025-52811122


Huaji Hotel

Address: No.52 Zhongying Lane, South End·Mendong Historical and Cultural District
Tel: 025-87799977
Travelers' Soul Inn Nanjing

Address: Building B5, 1865 Creativity and Industry Park, No.388 Yingtian Grand Street
Tel: Call 400-755-8888, then dial the number of extension 967136
Narada Boutique Hotel in Qinhuai River

Address: No.2 Dashiba Street, Qinhuai District
Tel: 025-52207666
Star-Rated Hotel:
Zhuangyuanlou Hotel  ★★★★★
With convenient communications as it is located in Fuzimiao, the central part of Qinhuai scenic area, it is the second five-star hotel catering to foreigners and business in Jiangsu province, the best choice for guests, business, tourism and conference. The hotel is equipped with complete facilities, such as president suites, deluxe suites, business suites, apartement suites, standard rooms and economical rooms in addition to administrative floors and smoking-forbidden floors as the best choice for Chinese and foreign guests. The hotel also offers authentic Western food, Korean barbecues, noted traditional Huaiyang dishes, Sichuan dishes and Guangdong dishes plus a bar, a coffee shop, a hall of multi-functions, a simulated golf hall, a bowling hall, a sauna, a beauty parlor, a dance hall and KTV boxes as ideal venues for recreation and leisure. The conference center has meeting rooms of different kinds and a high-grade meeting lounge. There is a large parking lot respectively in front of the hotel and under the ground.
Address: No 9, Zhuangyuanjing, Fuzimiao
Tel: 025-52202555
Bailu Hotel ★★★
As a three-star hotel situated in the central part of Qinhuai scenic area, Fuzimiao, it lies quietly along bustling Qinhuai River with convenient communications. Covering a floor area of about 21000 square meters, it has 204 standard rooms of various kinds in Western and Chinese styles and 88 dining seats in a number of dining halls of different flavors offering Huaiyang, Guangdong, Sichuan and Qinhuai snacks. The hotel has ten well-equipped meeting rooms of different sizes, an undeground parking-lot of its own, activities of singing, dance, chess and paly-cards as well as a sauna, a beauty parlor and tea-art demonstration.
Address: No. 68, Dashiba Street, Fuzimiao, Nanjing.
Tel :025-86879999
Qinhuairenjia Hotel ★★★
In the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, with its location in the central part of Qinhuai scenic area, Nanjing,  it is a hotel catering to foreigners and tourists. Facing the south, it is characterized by “Grey bricks, small tiles, horse-head walls, verandas and lattice windows of various patterns”, revealing primitiveness, simplicity and elegance amidst a rich display of lights and colors. In the evening with lights just turned on and the moon beginning to appear, sitting in the dining hall of Qinhuairenjia Hotel in front of charming Qinhuai River, savoring delicious food while enjoying national dances amidst intoxicating ancient music in depiction of “Water-splashing by oars and lantern lights of the Qinhuai River”, one cannot help writing a poem reading: “Whlie staying inside the hotel-room, I fly emotionally with a dream. There is a household over the river, making me drunk under the moon while anchoring along the Qinhuia River.” The hotel has 66 standard rooms of various kinds built along the river in a reasonable array, enabling guests to directly admire serene river-sceneries. These guest rooms,  designed according to a courtyard layout, look novel and unique.
Address: No. 128, Dashiba Street, Nanjing.
Tel: 025-52211888
Zhognhuamen Hotel ★★★
As a comprehensive two-star hotel situated at Jiangning Road only about ten-miniute walk from Fuzimiao, it integrates services to tourists, accommodation, food, beverage and recreation in an entity. Being able to accommodate over 200 people, it has air-conditioners, TV sets and telephones as well as round-the-clock supply of cold and hot water in addition to a dance hall of multi-functions, chess and play-card rooms and a parking lot. The center of food and beverage, capable of serving 460 customers, is under the care of chefs of special grade.
Address: No. 18, Jiangning Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing.
Tel: 025-52265848
Zhanyinglou Hotel
Situated at Changle Road near Fuzimiao, the prosperous tourist and cultural center of Nanjing, it has Qinhuai area to its south and Zhanyuan Garden to its north, enjoying a beautiful environment and convenient communications. The hotel has over 60 deluxe rooms and standard rooms which are all equipped with Internet wide-band. There are 280 dining seats chiefly offering Huaiyang, Sichuan and Guangdong dishes in addition to a business center, a shop, a beauty parlor and meeting rooms, making itself an ideal place for group conferences, business activities and tourist sight-seeing.
Address: No. 29, Changle Road, Nanjing.
Tele: 025-52209993
Fuzimiao International Youth Hostel
Situated along the Qinhuai River, it is a building characteristic of the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing dynasty. Reception takes place on the ground floor and the first floor has a bar and tea-stalls while offering simple meals. The first floor is dedicated to making itself a theme-based bar for outdoor self-service tourists. On the second and third floors, there are guest rooms with bunk beds, rooms decorated very much like university dormitories. Washrooms and rooms for activities are open to the public, which is different from other star-rated hotels and reception houses.
Address: No. 68-4, Pingjiangfu Road, Fuzimiao, Nanjing (Near Pingjiang Bridge, Pingjiangfu Road).
Metropolitan Inn
Situated in world-famous Fuzimiao as a tourist resort, Metropolitan Inn is the flag-ship hotel of economical chains invested and managed by Grand Hotel in Nanjing. It is marked by courtyard architecture with grey bricks and black tiles as well as a spacious and bright lobby, revealing the decorative layout of the Republic of China, in addition to considerate house-keeper service, room facilities with standard star-rated allocation, a brand-new concept of giving prominence to people as well as a clean, safe, warm and succinct environment for inhabitation.
Address: N0. 59, Zhuangyuanjing, Fuzmiao, Nanjing.
Tel: 025-58072660


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