Introduction to communications in Nanjing
Air Transportation
Nanjing Lukou Interntional Airport is 35 kilometers away from downtown Nanjing. It takes 45 minutes by car to cover this distance via Airport Expressway.
Information on airport buses.

l         From downtown Nanjing to airport.

Passenger buses are available at Zhonghuamen Long-Distance Coach Station which lies near Zhonghuamen Subway Station accessible to the underground train, or there are public buses No. 2. No. 38. No. 16, No. 39, No. 49, No. 111 and No. 116 leading to Xijie Bus-station or Runtai Market Bus-Station. The departing time for pubilc buses is from 06:00-20:30, with one bus once every thirty minutes. There are special airport routes leading to all four-star and five-star hotels as well as major three-star hotels in the city.

l         From airport to downtown Nanjing.

Before19:00: Airport—Arrival Lobby on the ground floor of the airport terminal building---Yuhua Square----Zhonghuamen (Runtai Market)----Shuiximen-----Hanzhongmen---Park of National Defense which is the destination station for passengers.

After 19:00: Airport—Arrival Lobby on the ground floor of the airport terminal building---Jinyu Hotel--- Zhonghuamen (Runtai Market)----Shuiximen----Hanzhongmen----Park of National Defense which is the destination station for passengers.

The departing time: From within 30 minutes after the passengers of the first flight arrive at the airport to the arrival of passengers of the last flight each day. Buses will be dispatched at an interval according to the number of flights and passengers. The bus with passengers will depart in no mre than 30 minutes. 
Nanjing is an important railway hub in eastern China. Now, there are 2 railway stations as Nanjing Terminal and South Station. For the train timetable, please refer to Inquiry telephone of the railway station: 025-85822222
Nanjing is one the biggest highway hubs in eastern China. With Nanjing as the center, there is a number of expressways radiating to all parts of Jiangsu province, Shanghai, Anhui province and Zhejiang province, such as Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Nanjing-Lianyungang Expressway, Nanjing-Nantong Expressway, Nanjing-Hefei Expressway, Nanjing-Ma’anshan Expressway, etc.

Inquiry telephone for the number of buses dispatched at various highway passenger stations:  025-96196
Hongshan Intercity Bus Terminal, Nanjing.
Address: No.1, Hongshan Road.

Inquiry telephone: 025-83190200

Public buses with this station as arrival: No.10, No.13, No. 28, No. 33, No. 35, No.72, No.73, No. 30, No. 8, No 22, No 54, No. 56, No.25

Metro: Line 1, Line3 to Nanjing Railway Station

Main bus routes: Zhejiang province, Anhui province, Shandong province, Hebei province, Henan province, Hubei province, Hunan province, Jiangxi province, Guangdong province, Liaoning province, Shanxi province, Jiangsu province, Shanghai and Beijing.

Nanjing Long-Distance Bus East Station

Address: No. 17, Huayuan Road, Nanjing

Heading for: Zhejiang province and Anhui province as well as Taizhou area, Gaoyou and Xinghua in northern Jiangsu province.

Inquiry telephone: 025-85477435

Public buses with this station as arrival: No. 2,No.10, No. 28, No.45, No. 69, No.311, No.309, No. 58, No.71 and No.50 

Main buse routes: Southern Jiangsu province, Yangzhou, Taizhou area, Zhejiang province, Fujian province, Jiangxi province, Hebei province and southern Anhui province.
Nanjing Long-Distance Bus South Station
Address: Northwest Corner of Nanjing South Railway Station
Inquiry telephone: 025-86778366
Transportation within Nanjing
Taxi: 11 Yuan/ three kilometers as starting price and then 2.4 Yuan/ kilometer
Metro in Qinhuai
Line 1: Xinjiekou Station, Zhangfuyuan Station, Sanshanjie Station (Confucius Temple), Zhonghuamen Station
Line 2: Hanzhonglu Staion, Xinjiekou Station, Daxinggong Station, Xi’anmen Station
Line 3: Daxinggong Station, Changfujie Station, Fuzimiao Station, Wudingmen Station, Yuhuamen Station, Kazimen Station
Ticket price---2 to 4 Yuan
Tour Bus in Qinhuai
Daxinggong North Station, Yixianqiao (Zhongshan East Road), Xi’anmen (NGH), Minggugong (East), Zhongshanmen
Zhongshanmen, Minggugong (East), Xi’anmen (NGH), Yixianqiao (Zhongshan East Road), Daxinggong South Station, Yanggongjing (North), Baixia Road (Taiping South Road), Taiping South Road•Confucius Temple, ZhanyuanRoad (Changle Road), Zhonghuamennei (Zhonghua Gate Castle), Yuhua Road
Shuiximen (East), Pingshi Street, Sanshan Street, Zhanyuan Road (Changle Road), Zhonghuamennei (Zhonghua Gate Castle), Yuhua Road
Ticket price: 2 Yuan for an air-conditioned bus.


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